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Are you going to deposit your work into earth-prints? We are very happy that our archive can grow. Here is some information that could be useful for you. In the case of problems, drop me a line,

What version? What about publishers' position?

Most publisher do not allow to deposit the Publisher's PDF, i.e. their paginated version. Luckily, most editors allow to deposit the pre-print and the final draft post-refereeing (post-print).
Sherpa project website ( collects and make public information about Publishers' attitude.

What format?

Most format are allowed, with the limit of 10 Mb per submission.
Use a widespread format (.pdf, .ps, ...) to insure future availability of your work

Can I put the Earth-prints logo into my presentation?

Yes, of course. Here is the logo.

How can I generate a PDF without expensive programs?

You can make it for free, outputiing your file to postscript, and then using the free ghostscript to convert it to PDF. Mostly, it works fine.

How to make a postscript printer in Windows?

WINDOWS users: in order to create a postscript from windows, it is enough to choose a postscript printer and select the "print to file" checkbox; give the file a .ps extension, then import it into ghostview and export it as pdf.
If you need to add a new postscript printer for the purpose, choose a basic model like "digital ln03 scriptprinter" which use the most basic postscript driver, to ensure maximum compatibility in the postscript file.
(note: most programs and operating system can easily output to postscript, whereas the free program ghostscript can convert postscript to pdf.
Salvatore Barba,
Nov 7, 2009, 6:02 AM